Boxes and Cards

A beautiful way to impress someone special.

Blue Box & Card Design - May 2013

Hi, Nada! She LOVED it! She was very surprised, and loved the intricate details! She kept saying, "I really, really like this!" She was amazed at the customized card and matching box! Even the hand-made envelope! She loved the finely cut blue designs on the white card stock, especially the flowers. Did you also put those blue jewels on the bag? You have such a fine eye for artistic design, Nada! Your handiwork is the best answer for beautiful, handcrafted creations that make an impression! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nada!

The start of something great

A request came through from a client for a Mother's Day gift for his wife. This year she did not want candy or flowers or jewelry. She wanted to go to a dinner and maybe a movie. My client wanted to know if I had something that he could purchase from me to give to his wife that fell within these specifications. 

I enjoy a challenge and this proved to be a small one. But since I'm quick in thinking of new ways to design my creations, I welcomed the job. I let him know that I could create a special box with a matching custom designed card with room for a note from him. He loved the idea and I started designing it in my head. I had never made a card before but that wasn't going to stop me. And as I have made beautiful small boxes in the past, I started with a quick research on custom designed cards, saw a couple of cards that caught my attention, gave me a couple of ideas and I was off creating my very own first card. I had less then 24 hours to design, create, package and deliver. And...

...mission accomplished!  

What's New...What's next...

I enjoy creating custom orders. As a matter of fact, that is basically how I work. Each of my creations is a work of art, therefore I thrive on the inspiration and challenge of creating something new. 

Next I will work on creating a 6x6x2 and a 6x6x3 box as well as a 4 page, 4x4 booklet card. This will be interesting, since I need to find the right size paper for a larger box.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come of the "Handmade just for you" creations!


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