Paper Clip and Magnet Fancies

Not too long ago I posted a contest on the Paper Fancies Facebook page. I asked my followers to make suggestions for the next project for me to make. I would then pick the winning suggestion and the winner would receive the suggested Paper Fancies design.

The winning suggestion

I received a number of great suggestions and at the end of the contest I chose to create fancy, floral paper clips. The winner was from my own town, and we were able to meet up and I was very happy to present her with a couple of Paper Clip Fancies.

Some ideas for using the clips:

For a real estate agent: Clip client documents together with these colorful and unique clips, making the transaction with the client personal and memorable (in a good way!). 

For musicians: Clip your scores together, thus when singing there are pretty flowers to remind you to smile when you sing. 

For your home office: Clip together that stack of papers that needs your attention – a more cheerful reminder that something is due!

Gifts for young and old, for teachers and students, for professionals and homemakers, and everyone in between!

Magnet Fancies

Paper Fancies also carries Magnet Fancies, and these make great gifts (or self-indulgences!) for everyone that has something special to show off and a magnetizing surface.

As I was creating these cute Paper Clip Fancies, I came up with an idea to create Mini Magnet Fancies and a few large ones too. 

Additional "mini" products and more to come

After creating these paper clips and magnets, I decided to create a new smaller item 6-7 times per year. Who knows, I may even make something different every month. 

For the month of July, I will be making Flower Ring Fancies

What color Paper Clip Fancies would you like me to make for you?

What color Flower Ring Fancies would you like?